Fantasy Euro – Summary of the second round

The fight for the eight-finals is graduating, and the first phase of the fantasy ME is also coming to an end. The third round will close the basic groups and all players will be given the opportunity to change their roster to the eliminating part of the Unibet tournament. But let’s take a look at how you lead two rounds.

The ranking of our EuroFotball League, where you can still be added after entering the 49646GM1 code in the Leagues section, Manchester United, Manchester United and Zbrojovka Brno CM @ ster, whose Cecko Stars team has already earned 143 points. Martin Zingor, Martin Zingor, took control of the second round with 76 points in the second round, and only six points behind the first.The bronze line defends the squadron of an unknown soldier with the Unibet football betting online team name of Murenas, which enjoys 136 points. The table’s head position is, however, still extremely balanced and dramatically changing with every game day. The first seventy contestants will squeeze within the range of almost thirty points, which is still easy to reach.

After a quick start of the group stage final matches, there is now a need to change the cadre due to the shift of the championship to its elimination phase. The number of player exchanges on a roster will be unlimited, with the crazy madness breaking out after Wednesday’s matches and will run until Saturday afternoon when the first eight-round tournament starts at 3:00 pm.At the same time, together with a reduction in the number of national selections, the Unibet number of players from one selection you can have in your choice will be increased. So far, there have been three representatives, now the limit is raised to four.

Tips and tips to conclude: In the upcoming third round, it will be more than ever that you have the chance to get the most players out of the box. The final group matches are often accompanied by numerous changes to the basics, when some of the teams have no seemingly to play and give a chance to the usual substitutes.This is why the Wild Card can now be especially paid for, because after this round you will have the chance to build a brand new Unibet cadet for the eight rounds.

If you decide to use the wild card today before the start of the third round, until 21:00. How to do it? Just choose your dream transfers, and if there is more than one (which is free), the Wildcard activation option will automatically appear above the modified list. Just reconfirm, Unibet  confirm your changes, and you can boldly go into further fighting.

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